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Heartfelt Memories Album

Heartfelt Memories Interactive Album
Designed by Debbie Brownmiller

This was my 1st sample I designed for Heartfelt Creations semi finalists. I created a  album base and then used several paper collections from Heartfelt Creations  to decorate it. 


Front Cover - Lush Lilac Collection
All the paper used on the front cover is from the Lush Lilac Paper Collection. Cut a piece of purple paper 6 3/4 x 6 3/4 and glue it to the cover. Die cut four of  the lacey borders from the Sweetheart Borders and glue them around all four edges of the cover. Created a 6 1/4 x 6 1/4 inch shadow box covering it with some mauve paper. Glue the shadow box to the cover. Glue the 6x6 cottage panel to the background of the shadow box. Apply glitter to the flowers around the cottage.Stamp and color several lilac flowers and two of the small sprays from the Lush Lilac collection. Cut the flowers and sprays out with the matching dies. Emboss and shape all the flowers with the 3D Lilac Shaping Mold. Use the  stylus from the Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit to push down in the center of each flower to shape them . Stamp and color the lilac flower spray from the Sweet Lilac Scroll and Notes. Use the matching die to cut them out.  Cut the bird cage out of white cardstock using the Sweet Lilac Scroll and Cage die. Glue the bird cage to the bottom corner of the shadow box. Glue the lilac spray along the bottom of the birdcage. Take the two tiny flourishes with flowers and glue one to the inside of the box and one to the top corner. Glue the umbrella to the other top corner. Glue the shaped lilac flowers to the umbrella and lilac sprays  to give lots of dimension. 

First Double Page - Lush Lilac Collection.

Choose a 6x6 panel and matt it with black cardstock. Matt again onto a 6 3/4 x 6 3/4 mauve paper. Glue onto the inside cover leaving just a touch of black around the edge. Create one large and one small lilac by stamping and coloring the lilac bases. Stamp and color two sets of the tiny lilac flowers. Cut flowers out using the matching die. Shape the flowers using the 3D flower mold and the deluxe flower shaping kit. Glue the flowers onto the bases creating  two dimensional lilacs. Glue prills to the  to the center of each flower. Cut a rectangle tag from the paper collection. Cut and glue one of the borders from the Ornate Borders and Pockets die set to the top of the tag. You can mount a photo on the back of this tag.

Cut two tags from the paper . Apply glue the bottom of the tags only.  Glue these tags to the bottom of the page. Tuck the first tag behind these two tags.

To the right page created a shadow box card and glue it onto center of the page. Put the panel with the window inside as a background. Cut and glue a strip of paper from the collection up each side of the shadow box. Cut and glue another Ornate Border on the top corner of the shadow box card. Using foam squares pop up the lilac spray on top of the Onate Border.  Glue some flowers on the spray. Stamp and color the spray from the fanciful carnation . Cut with the matching die. Shape the fanciful spray. Glue  more of the flowers onto the sprays. Glue Prills to the centers of the flowers. Find the ticket with the Sentiment " Always and Forever"  from the paper collection and glue it to the right side near the top of the shadow box. Cut one Lacey Border from the Sweetheart  Borders and glue it onto the binding. 

Second Double Page - Singing In The Rain Collection

Find the full sheet of paper with the wheel barrow and lawn chair on it. Cut two pieces from the bottom at 6 wide x 6 1/5 high. Glue them to the base pages. Apply stickles to the flower in the background. Cut one matching boot out from the paper collection using the matching die from the Rain Boots and Blossoms. Shape and glue this boot in front of the back boot on the paper. Stamp and color several of the flowers and greenery from the Rain Boots and Blossoms. Cut them out with matching dies. Shape them with the Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit. Arrange them into a bouquet in the boot. Spray the flowers and greenery with perfect pearls. Add glossy accents under the boots for a puddle. Cut a tag from the paper collection and pop it up near the top of the page.

Both right and left pages flip out giving you a four page layout when opened. Create some cards and tags that all open in different ways. This gives you placed to mount more photos. Cut a pocket from the Ornate Borders and Pockets to tuck a card behind. Cut and use small tags to hold the  cards and accordion folders closed. Find the Dancing In The Rain sentiment strip and glue at each end. Attach to the page and slip a card behind it.

Third Double Page - Winter's Eve & Festive Berry Collections Etc.

Find the full sheet of paper from the Winter's Eve collection with the snowy trees on it.  Cut two pieces of paper off of the bottom  half of the paper 6 inches wide and 6 1/5 high. Glue these two pieces to the base of both pages. Glitter the snow on the trees. Stamp and Cut 8 of the gates with matching die. Glue 4 gates together and then repeat with the other 4 gates. This make it more sturdy so they don't bend. Color the front and back of both gates. Put a paper hinge on one side of each gate and attach one gate to each page. Stamp and color the Wagon wheel from the festive Holiday. Cut with matching die. Stamp and color some cardinals from the Festive Holly & Cardinal and the Holly Festive Jingle. Cut with matching dies. Pop them up against and on the gates. Stamp and color the sled and prop it against the gate. The gates are now able to be opened and shut.

Open the gates out of the way. Find the paper with the two deer on it and fussy cut around the deer and snow bank. Apply a thin strip of glue along the very bottom of this piece and glue it to the bottom of the left page. Find the panel of paper with the cabin scene on it. Make a card base to glue behind it so you have a place for more photos. Tuck this scene behind the deer and snowbank. Cut the window frame and put a small scene behind it. Fold two pieces of paper in half a bit bigger than the window frame. Place your die just above the folds and die cut. Hinge them both together and you have a waterfall for photos to mount behind the window frame. Stamp and color the Poinsettia and Holly Clusters. Cut out with matching dies. Put them into the 3D Poinsettia Mold. Spritz them with water and run them through your die cutting machine.  Push down in the centers of each one to finish shaping them. Glue two flower together along with one holly leaves behind the flower. Stamp, color and cut holly leaves  from the Festive Holly and Cardinals collection. Glue these bigger holly leaves at both corners at the top of the pages. Glue the poinsettia's you just created on top of the bigger holly leaves.

Fourth Double Page Camelia Collection

I used the Camelia Carnation Collection for these two pages. Cut a piece of paper 6 x 6 1/5 and glue to the page on the right side. Cut a piece of paper 2 1/4 x 6 1/4. Mount on black cardstock. Hinge on three sides to make a pocket to mount at the bottom of the page. Find the window panel and make a accordion base behind it with black CS to mount photos on. Tuck it behind the Pocket. Find a 6x6 panel for the left page. Cut it in half at a angle. Glue the top half to the base page. Take the second piece and make a hinge on the bottom and the right side. Glue this one in place and you have a angle pocket to tuck more photo matts in. Cut the wider Sweetheart Border. Cut the top off it. Glue the top piece you cut off to the top of the left page and glue the bottom piece to the bottom of the right page. Cut a ticket sentiment and glue to the top of the pocket. 

Fifth Double Page - Sweet Peony Collection

Pick a 6x6 panel from the Sweet Peony Collection and glue it to the left page base. Make a pocket with hinges on three sides and glue it to the bottom of the page. Cut 5 panels from the paper collection

2 3/4 x 3 1/5 Glue the panels to black cardstock leaving a black edge around them. You can mount photos on the backs. Tuck these panels into the pocket.

Cover the right page with paper. Cut the Sweetheart Border.  Glue to the left side of the page. Find three 3 1/5 x 5 panels and make a card base to mount them on. Put paper hinges on the right side on two of these cards and put the paper hinge on the left side of the third card. Glue two of the panels up the right side of the page. Glue the back of the third panel to the page behind the other two cards. They open in opposite directions for photos. For the flower arrangement stamp and color the flowers and leaf elements from the Singing in the Rain collection. Cut with matching dies. Apply glue to the lilacs and sprinkle prills on them. Let dry. Glue all these elements on the top half of the page. Stamp and color two peony flowers from the Large Sweet Peony. One of each size. Put in the 3D Basic Mold to shape. Finish shaping with a stylus by pushing the center down. Mount on the rose leaves from the Classic Rose Collection. Glue near the bottom of the page.

Products Used

Lush Lilac Die HCD1-7170

Peony Bud and Blossom Die HCD1-7175

Peony Bud and Blossom Stamp HCPC-3821

Large Sweet Peony Die HCD1-7174

Large Sweet Peony Stamp HCPC-3820

Small Sweet Peony Die HCD1-7173 

Small Sweet Peony Stamp HCPC-3819

Other Products Used

Prills, Stickles.Die Cutting Machine, Glossy Accents 
I made a 7x7 album with the hidden hinge binding.

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